January 2018 Genetic Report

Limited Time: January 1 - January 31 Only

You receive an appointment, (only 15 min), to gather the sample (cotton swab in the cheek) results take around 4 weeks to get back and will schedule follow up to review results.

Results include:

  1. The right balance of Carbs, Proteins, and Fats for your needs.
  2. Suggestions about your fitness activities.
  3. Your health related behavioral tendencies.

Some of the topics covered in your report include:

  • What your DNA can tell you about the right balance of macronutrients for you.
  • What your test results suggest about your fitness needs.
  • What your results suggest about your health related behavioral tendencies.
genetic test lose weight

A well-known clinical study was performed by one of America‘s top universities, Stanford University.
The purpose of the study was to determine if genetic testing was effective to assist in helping people to lose weight. When compared to other well-established and effective weight loss programs, those who were on a meal plan that was specific to THEIR genetic profile lost 2.5 times more weight than those who were not on an individualized plan.

The science clearly speaks for itself!

We are offering Genetic Testing for ONLY $299! Normally $500.

HURRY!!! Limited Time Only. January 1 - January 31

This puts the CONTROL in your hands! For the rest of your life, you’ll know how to eat and exercise to be as fit and healthy as possible. The test is completely painless and noninvasive, and it is an imperative part of your focused lifestyle change! These results will give you personalized nutrition and fitness recommendations based on your genetic test results.

This report is based on the analysis of your DNA sample and personal information you provide such as your height, weight, and gender.

This approach to weight management is based on the most advanced science available. The goal is to help you develop an approach to nutrition and fitness based on your own unique genetic blueprint.

Now that you will know more about what your DNA reveals about your nutritional and fitness needs, you can make the most of this information and embarke on a journey to a healthier life and we are honored to be your partner on this journey.

We are offering Genetic Testing for ONLY $299! Normally $500.

HURRY!!! Limited Time Only. January 1 - January 31