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Alternative Treatment Options for Asthma

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In the United States, asthma cases have increased by more than 60 percent since the early 1980s, and asthma-related deaths have doubled to 5,000 a year. So far researchers have been unable to crack the code as to why there has been such an alarming increase in these cases. They hypothesize that it is primarily due to genetics and environmental conditions. I would agree with the environmental factors as there are so many more housecleaning products we use in our homes these days as compared to thirty years ago, but I would find it hard to believe that the population has genetically mutated to express certain asthmatic traits by more than 60%.  At the end of the day, if you look at disease in general it always comes back to the body’s inability to adapt to its environment, which leads to dis-ease or lack of ease.

If an individual has asthmatic genetic traits, they are more likely to exhibit these as the body begins to break down.  There is no doubt we have a higher level of stress in our lives as compared to thirty years ago.  Food has become another source of exposure to allergens that may induce asthma at a young age as manufacturers put additives and preservatives in food to extend their shelf life.  Researchers also believe that an increase in vaccinations, cesarean births, and antibiotic intake may be playing a role as well.  Most mild to moderate asthma sufferers do have alternatives to asthma medications.  Research that is currently taking place in Australia shows that asthma patients that are under regular chiropractic care are showing a significant decrease in physical asthma symptoms and cortisol levels.  Various other treatment options include Acupuncture, biofeedback, meditation, yoga, stress management, massage and deep breathing exercises.

At Premier Wellness Centers, we have seen great success treating patients with asthma.  That’s the benefit of working in an integrative health care facility, our medical doctor will monitor our patients while the alternative health care providers work as a team to eliminate the source of the asthma, or at least reduce the physical symptoms of their asthma. In many instances the patient no longer needs their medications when we are done with them.

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